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"Love" a name that is often talked about, from the young to the old. Many people using the name of love for each behavior. But do they understand what is the meaning behind the word "love".
"Love" is a name that is very simple and easy to pronounce. But to know whether what the meaning of love. An extraordinary phenomenon. Making sad to be cheerful, evil becomes baek, war becomes peace, a fraternal hatred, bitter for sweet, wounds are healed, ill be healthy. All in the name of love. And when the word "Love misused it will also be the opposite happened.
Love can also be derived from the obsession to get something. But that's not love, it is just a tool to get that object. The word "Love" has a universal meaning. Every human being has their own feedback on the meaning of love. And every person also has a way to love.
What is the meaning of true love? Love is an expression of our love and sympathy to someone. The word is also given of our love for the Creator, as a sign that we are in desperate need and flattering. The love that we give to show that we really liked and wanted to be with. Jealousy is often the case when someone we love with other people. That's love, one name a thousand meanings
Love is a feeling to share with or a feeling of affection towards someone.

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