tulisan 3


Friendship is not created automatically but
requires a long process such as iron sharpens iron,
so a friend sharpens his friend. friendship
colored by the experiences of joy and sorrow, entertained-harmed,
note-let down, ignored heard, assisted-rejected,
but all of these have never intentionally done
with the aim kebencian.Seorang friend does not hide mistakes
to avoid disputes, precisely because of his love
he ventured to rebuke what adanya.aku very happy to have many friends. such as "NUR ASMILIA, GODDESS RAHMIATI, Firda OKTARIYANA, SUPREME HIDAYATULLOH (my beloved), NUR ANNISA Fadilla. friendship we like kepompong.hehehe
friendship like a cocoon caterpillar transform into a butterfly
Things like friendship cocoon is not easy to change so beautiful
Friendship like a cocoon understand, friend face differences

They will always try helping each other and expect to be good friends and better. They did not position itself to be a burden to one another, but rather to relieve each other. And also no backstabbing. They will always try to make friends more precious and more safely at the side of God.love you all.

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