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TOEFL stands for Test Of English as a Foreign Language (Test of English as a foreign language), which was organized by an agency in the United States called ETS (Educational Testing Service).

This is very important for TOEFL teman2 want to study or studying for school abroad. Toefl as an indicator to ensure teman2 derived not from English-speaking countries, in order to attend a course well in the English-speaking countries.

TOEFL is used to ensure:
  •      Ensure that the student understands the description given lecturer in English (listening skills).
  •      Students understand the books required textbook (reading skills).
  •      Students are able to make scientific writing with correct grammar (writing & grammar skills). 
To be accepted in the West negara2 .. prospective students must have a TOEFL score standards set forth by the university masing2 negara2 the West. For example, a minimum TOEFL score for negara2 in Europe is 500 (minimum), TOEFL score for Australia is 500 (minimum), while the score for the TOEFL is required negara2 in America 550 (minimum).


Along with the times, even countries whose native language is not English, such as Japan, Korea, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc. requires a certain TOEFL score for prospective students, whether they come from within the country, especially if it comes from overseas. In Indonesia, TOEFL even used also for:

  • Requirements for acceptance of new employees in government agencies, public and private companies.
  • Admission requirement for S2 and S3.
  • Terms submission of scholarship, both from public and private  .
TOEFL myself have several times experienced improvements by the organizers, ets. TOEFL Test forms ever introduced to the public are:
  •      TOEFL Paper Based Test
         Consists of 3 sections: Listening, Structure, and Reading. 
           Maximum Score: 677.  
  • TOEFL Computer Based Test
     Consisting of 4 Section:Listening, Structure, Reading, Writing. 
      Maximum Score: 300.

  •      TOEFL Internet Based Test
     Consists of 4 sections:Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking.Maximum score: 120.  

For the purposes of pre-selection or the internal purposes of an institution, then the ETS as a developer and operator institute also organizes TOEFL TOEFL ITP (ITP = Institutional Testing Programme). The number of questions and the difficulty level is not different from the ITP TOEFL Paper Based Test and Computer Based TOEFL Test TOEFL, because the questions used in the TOEFL ITP TOEFL test is a matter that has been used previously. Differences that need to be known by those who plan to follow is that the TOEFL test scores obtained from the TOEFL ITP limited in its use.

Universities and colleges in the United States, for example, will only accept scores obtained from the TOEFL Paper Based Test or Computer Based Test TOEFL. In addition to TOEFL ITP, TOEFL Prediction also commonly used to estimate a person's TOEFL score, "before" the relevant follow other TOEFL test (TOEFL Paper Based Test, TOEFL Computer Based Test, TOEFL ITP). Type Prediction TOEFL test is generally conducted by the institute / center language or places TOEFL training courses


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