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A quick way to lengthen the hair

Tip time is how fast your hair length as before and fit you want.

As we know that the hair will quickly body and long, but if your hair is not healthy then pertubuhan rambutpun be slow.

A quick way to extending
1. Wash your hair every day or kramas, do wash your hair with a clean, says many times, so that the foam is not left at all.

2. Use conditioner after using shampoo, and ends with a hair mask, so your hair grow healthy and unbranched.

3. If your hair is damaged and split ends, then immediately perapikan ends of hair. After cutting the ends of damaged hair, get hair masks that match your hair.

4. Reduce the use of hair band hair tight binding, this would lead to broken hair.

5. Do not use excessive hair products and turns.

6. Avoid excessive staining.

7. Reduce the use of hot hair tools

8. Comb your hair at night to sleep, because it regulates the scalp circulation and hair root, and can distribute the natural oils in the base of the hair.

9. If you're in the sun, then use protective hair, so your hair does not tersinar by direct sunlight.

Hopefully the above tips can help, ...

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