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Computer network is a system consisting of computers and other network devices such as cables, switch, hub, router, etc. working together to achieve a common goal. The purpose of the computer network are: – Sharing resources functions such as shared use of printers, CPU, RAM, hard drive – Communication: eg electronic mail, instant messaging, chat – Access to information: for example web browsing In order to achieve the same goal, each part of the computer network and provide service request (service). Party requesting the service is called a client (client) and that provide services called the servant (the server). This architecture is called client-server systems, and is used in almost all computer network applications. As for the classification of computer network based on the scale include: – Personal Area Network (PAN) – Campus Area Network (CAN) – Local Area Network (LAN) – Metropolitant Area Network (MAN) – Wide Area Network (WAN) – Global Area Network (GAN) Based on the function: Basically every computer network is functioning as a client and server. But there is a network that has a dedicated computer as a server and the other as a client. There is also a computer that has no special function as a server only. Therefore, based on their function there are two types of computer networks: • Client-server Network is the computer with a dedicated computer as a server. A service / service can be provided by a computer or more. An example is a domain like lots served by the web server computer. Or it could be a lot of service / services provided by a single computer. Examples are server that is a multi-service computer with the mail servers, web servers, file servers, database servers and others. • Peer-to-peer Namely computer networks where each host can be a server and also a client simultaneously. For example in the file sharing between computers on the Windows Network Neighborhood Network have 5 computers (we give the name of A, B, C, D and E) that provide access rights to the files they have. At one point A to access the file share of B named data_nilai.xls and also gives access to the file soal_uas.doc C. When accessing a file from B then A serves as a client and as a give file access to C then A serves as a server. Both functions were performed by the same A network like this is called peer to peer. In some computer network topology applied in their construction. Other Anatara: star topology, topology BUS, Mesh topology, tree topology (tree), and Linear topology. In the topology of the above there are some advantages and disadvantages. Here uarain of computer network topologies mentioned above are: 1. Star topology is a form of network topologies in the form of convergence of the middle node to every node or user. Star network topology including network topology with high costs. The advantages of this network is: – Damage to one channel will affect only the channel network and the station adrift. – Including high-level security. – Resistant to traffic of a busy network. – Addition and subtraction station can be done easily. Disadvantages: – If the node was damaged, the whole network is interrupted. 2. Ring topology is a network topology point-shaped circuit, each of which is connected to two other points, thus forming a circular path to form a ring. In this topology, data communication can be disrupted if a single point impaired. FDDI networks anticipate this weakness by sending data clockwise and counterclockwise at the same time. 3. Bus topology On the bus topology, the network unjung must end with a terminator. Barrel connector can be used to expand it. This network consists of only one cable channel using BNC cables. Computers that want to connect to the network can be linked himself with all mentap Ethernet cable. Linear Bus: This layout includes the general layout. One main cable connects each node, to a single channel to access the computer with the tip end. Each node is connected to two other nodes, except the engine at one end of the cable, each of which is connected only to one other node. This topology is often found in the system client / server, where one machine on the network functioned as a file server, which means that the machine is devoted only to the distribution of data and is usually not used for processing information. Bus network installation is very simple, inexpensive and a maximum of 5-7 computers. The difficulty often faced is the possibility of data collisions because the mechanism is relatively simple network and if one node or having trouble off it will interfere with the performance and traffic throughout the network. – Excellence is the development of bus topology network or adding new workstations can be done easily without disrupting the other workstations. – Losses, fault detection and isolation is very small, high traffic density, lack of data security is assured, the speed will decrease when the number of users increases, and is required for long-distance Repeater Linear bus topology is a topology widely used in the use of Coaxial cable. By using the T-Connector (with a 50ohm terminator on the end of the network), then the computer or other network devices can be easily connected to each other. The main difficulty of using coaxial cables is difficult to measure whether the coaxial cable that is used completely matching or not. Because if you do not really measured correctly will damage the NIC (network interface card) that is used and the network performance becomes constrained, not reaching maximum capacity. This topology is also frequently used on networks with fiber optic base (which later merged with a star topology to connect with the client or node). Type connector for the BUS network consists of 1. BNC cable connector —> To connect the cable to the T connector. 2. BNC T connector —> To connect the cable to the computer. 3. Barrel BNC connector —> To connect 2 BNC cables. 4. BNC Terminators —> To mark the end of the bus topology. 4 nets or mesh topology is a kind of network topologies that implement full antarsentral relationships. The number of channels should be provided to establish this network is a central number minus 1 (n-1, n = number of central). The level of network complexity is proportional to the increased number of centrally installed. This topology is less economical but also relatively expensive in operation. Tree Network Topology 5 (tree) network topology is referred to as multilevel network topology. This topology is usually used for interconnection between different central denganhirarki. For the lower hierarchy depicted in the lower location and the top has a higher hierarchy. This type of network topology suitable for computer network systems. In tree networks, there are several levels of nodes (node). Center or a higher node level, another node can set a lower level. Data that is sent to the central node first. For example to move from computer to kekomputer node-node 3-7 as well as in the figure, the data must pass through node 3, node-5 and 6 before ending at node 7. Network Keungguluan tree model like this is, can the formation of a group that needed at any time. For example, companies can form a group consisting of terminal accounts, as well as on other groups formed for the sale terminals. The weakness is, if the node is higher then does not work, then another group who are below it eventually also became ineffective. How a tree network is slow relative to

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Inducting New Employees Into Your Company

Inducting New Employees Into Your Company - Inducting New Employees Into Your Company. New employees are the best assets of a company. New employees can advance a company's business if they can work well and can advance the company where they work. If you're looking for a way or method to introduce the existing business in your company to new employees, there are some things you can do. Here are some suggestions to introduce your company to a new employees:

The first way, to make new employees feel comfortable in your company. As a new employee, maybe they can not immediately adapt to your company. They may take time to recognize the environments in which they work. So make new employees feel comfortable in your company, so they can work comfortably.

The second way, introducing new employees to other work colleagues. Introduce them to other colleagues in their department. In this way makes them comfortable asking questions on their first day

The third way, after introductions are made, you should discuss with new employees, what you hope for. What to tell what should be done by new employees. So that later they can work well according to your wishes. If they do not know what you expect, they will not be able to meet your needs.

That simple advice for you in introducing a new employee in your company



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EXERCIZE A: (Skills 1-2): Underline the subjects once and the verb twice. Circle the prepositional
phrases that come before the verb. Then indicate if the sentence are right (R) or wrong (W).
10. The Whales headed south for the winter.
ANSWER : The whales headed south for the winter.
                                S              VERB
the answer is Right because the sentence have one subject (the whales) and have one verb(headed).

EXERCIZE B: (Skills 1-2): Underline the subjects once and the verb twice. Circle the prepositional
phrases that come before the verb. Then indicate if the sentence are right (R) or wrong (W).

8. In a moment of worry about the problem with the cash in the account.
Answer : This sentence is wrong because it does not have a subject and verb in this sentence. and the correct sentence is
*in a moment of worry about the problem with the cash in the account ,he go to check account balances ATM.

EXERCIZE C: (Skills 1-2): Choose the letter of the word of group of words that best completes the sentence.

4. In 1867 ------- Alaska from the Russians for $7.2 million.


Answer (A) is not appropriate because indeed his sentence in the past tense forms but his upside-down position.
Answer (B) is not appropriate because Reversed position and to purchases is a invinitif.
Answer (C) is not appropriate because purchase of the verb directly so that the word is not in need of.
Answer (D) is the best answer because the sentence in the description of the past. the position is not reversed position and has a subject ( the United states) and a verb (purchased).

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Mouth and Teeth Cleaning Tips

Not just brushing your teeth or mouth or the complete oral hygiene, it is not enough to stay healthy around the teeth and mouth.
Another way of brushing your teeth after.

  • Gargling with antiseptic
You can refine brush by rinsing using antiseptic solution to kill bacteria that cause plaque in places that are not affordable gear.
  • Cleaning between the teeth
You also need to make sure kebersihkan sidelines between teeth with interdental cleaning. Depending on the size of the space between the teeth, do the following treatments:

  • Dental floss (floss)
Dental floss is the best way to clean the space between the teeth. Waxed dental floss (waxed floss) is a convenient tool for better glide and less frilly. Take a piece of dental floss (approximately 40 cm), hold it tightly between the fingers of both hands and clean the space between the teeth to move up and down. The use of dental floss may require several sessions.
  • Toothpick.
Good Toothpicks made of wood and has a tapered shape that fits in the space between the teeth. Put a toothpick upright as much as possible in between the teeth between the teeth where there is dirt stuck. Remove dirt with a toothpick.

  • Brush between the teeth. Inter-dental brush brush head is ideal for smaller large space between the teeth and between the teeth and braces that are difficult to clean with a regular toothbrush. The use of inter-dental brush does not replace the need to brush your teeth, but in addition to your dental hygiene routine.
  • Chewing gum.
The use of sugar-free gum can be beneficial to your dental health. Chewing gum can clean the teeth as usual sweetener xylitol gum contains beneficial bacteria inhibit the growth of streptococcus to reduce cavities and plaque. In addition, chewing activity also stimulates the production of saliva, which is a natural protection against tooth decay.
Do it every day in order to awake oral health.


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"Love" a name that is often talked about, from the young to the old. Many people using the name of love for each behavior. But do they understand what is the meaning behind the word "love".
"Love" is a name that is very simple and easy to pronounce. But to know whether what the meaning of love. An extraordinary phenomenon. Making sad to be cheerful, evil becomes baek, war becomes peace, a fraternal hatred, bitter for sweet, wounds are healed, ill be healthy. All in the name of love. And when the word "Love misused it will also be the opposite happened.
Love can also be derived from the obsession to get something. But that's not love, it is just a tool to get that object. The word "Love" has a universal meaning. Every human being has their own feedback on the meaning of love. And every person also has a way to love.
What is the meaning of true love? Love is an expression of our love and sympathy to someone. The word is also given of our love for the Creator, as a sign that we are in desperate need and flattering. The love that we give to show that we really liked and wanted to be with. Jealousy is often the case when someone we love with other people. That's love, one name a thousand meanings
Love is a feeling to share with or a feeling of affection towards someone.

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A quick way to lengthen the hair

Tip time is how fast your hair length as before and fit you want.

As we know that the hair will quickly body and long, but if your hair is not healthy then pertubuhan rambutpun be slow.

A quick way to extending
1. Wash your hair every day or kramas, do wash your hair with a clean, says many times, so that the foam is not left at all.

2. Use conditioner after using shampoo, and ends with a hair mask, so your hair grow healthy and unbranched.

3. If your hair is damaged and split ends, then immediately perapikan ends of hair. After cutting the ends of damaged hair, get hair masks that match your hair.

4. Reduce the use of hair band hair tight binding, this would lead to broken hair.

5. Do not use excessive hair products and turns.

6. Avoid excessive staining.

7. Reduce the use of hot hair tools

8. Comb your hair at night to sleep, because it regulates the scalp circulation and hair root, and can distribute the natural oils in the base of the hair.

9. If you're in the sun, then use protective hair, so your hair does not tersinar by direct sunlight.

Hopefully the above tips can help, ...

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How to choose a career

When we finished school we get very problematic for some in life and is a career choice and chose not only to study, but we choose our future work and a part of our life plans. "Said a group of my friends."Generally, they sometimes do not have much time to decide clearly as a general recommendation for parents is to begin studies in the shortest possible time was added to the other variables as little information you have about a career as university entry.
No doubt the first recommendation is to have a career guidance by a qualified professional orientation but may not be made in full must take some extra points.
The first test program at the school where you see if you fit the area you have chosen to study as a medical career (which is in the field of biomedical sciences) or other requires knowledge of biology and chemistry.
Reflect for a moment if the career you really think looks like or you just follow the advice of your parents or friends, it is possible that you also rely on other sources of opinion as the most profitable, easiest to get a job, most popular, it requires business, and so on.
Another important point for the choice of a career is to find a career that brings into the future is that certain functions should be professional rather than looking at the books advise you to find a professional and your comments on how it went.This point is a lot to do with the previous one and you are in a race situation is that the average wage, employment status, number of professionals in this race I know that many do not taste good to worry about the last point, but it is recommended to do so prior to reaching year-end and realize that not doing the activities you think or get your salary should think about too.
So the point is, before you go to college, you should memirkan you want, follow your heart and your talent, if anything it was born out of the desire, then the career you did not feel exhausting.

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Friendship is not created automatically but
requires a long process such as iron sharpens iron,
so a friend sharpens his friend. friendship
colored by the experiences of joy and sorrow, entertained-harmed,
note-let down, ignored heard, assisted-rejected,
but all of these have never intentionally done
with the aim kebencian.Seorang friend does not hide mistakes
to avoid disputes, precisely because of his love
he ventured to rebuke what adanya.aku very happy to have many friends. such as "NUR ASMILIA, GODDESS RAHMIATI, Firda OKTARIYANA, SUPREME HIDAYATULLOH (my beloved), NUR ANNISA Fadilla. friendship we like kepompong.hehehe
friendship like a cocoon caterpillar transform into a butterfly
Things like friendship cocoon is not easy to change so beautiful
Friendship like a cocoon understand, friend face differences

They will always try helping each other and expect to be good friends and better. They did not position itself to be a burden to one another, but rather to relieve each other. And also no backstabbing. They will always try to make friends more precious and more safely at the side of you all.

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Artikel Bahasa Inggris Tentang Kesehatan

Artikel Bahasa Inggris Tentang Kesehatan
Umum - -
Hai teman-teman semua, apa kabar? Lagi cari-cari artikel bahasa inggris ya? Nih ada artikel bahasa inggris tentang kesehatan yang bisa kamu baca. Artikel bahasa inggris kali ini tentang kesehatan jantung. Yuk kita lihat aja bagaimana artikelnya...Judulnya :Recovery after a Heart Attack

Artikel Bahasa Inggris Tentang Kesehatan: Recovery after a Heart Attack

Patients who do not have complications following a heart attack can usually be discharged from the hospital in six to ten days. A few patients are discharged even sooner. Prior to discharge, patients are usually evaluated to determine the severity and extent of their coronary disease and the degree, if any, of heart failure. If coronary disease is significant, a surgical procedure or angioplasty (see chapter 9) is usually planned for the near future to reduce the risk of repeated heart attacks. Beginning in the hospital, a cardiac rehabilitation program of gradually increasing exercise is begun. Generally, such programs take about two months to complete, but patients are expected to continue exercising on their own following the program. Patients can usually resume normal activity, such as household chores, within three to four weeks following a heart attack, although they may not return to work for six weeks to two months. Most physicians feel that sexual activity can be resumed within four weeks following a heart attack.
Part of the rehabilitation program concerns lifestyle changes to prevent worsening of the coronary atherosclerosis. Stopping smoking, reducing cholesterol intake, and improving control of high blood pressure or diabetes are important factors for reducing atherosclerosis. It has been shown that persons who make significant changes in these factors not only slow the progression of coronary artery disease, but in some cases the disease process even reverses. Such patients will actually have less coronary artery disease a year after their heart attack then they did before.
Most patients will be started on medication to help prevent future heart attacks. Mild anti-blood-clotting drugs have been shown to lessen the risk of future heart attacks in persons with coronary disease. Low doses of aspirin are commonly used, but stronger anti-clotting drugs are indicated in some people.
At the same time, medications to minimize the heart's workload are also started. Beta-blocking drugs and calcium-channel-blocking drugs (see chapter 8) reduce how hard the heart pumps and minimize the amount of oxygen the heart needs. Patients who have symptoms of congestive heart failure may need to take digitalis or another inotrope to improve the heart's pumping ability and diuretic drugs to help remove excess fluid from the body.
For many patients with coronary heart disease, surgical treatment will be recommended. The decision to recommend coronary bypass surgery or angioplasty (see chapter 9) is based on the number, location, and severity of plaques in the coronary arteries. Although both angioplasty and bypass surgery improve the condition of the majority of patients who undergo them, the procedures do have risks including further heart damage and even death. These risks are least when the procedure is performed in an institution that does hundreds of the procedures a year, and by the most experienced surgeons.
Nai itu dia teman-teman, artikel bahasa inggris tentang kesehatan jantung.

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translate ENGLISH


TOEFL stands for Test Of English as a Foreign Language (Test of English as a foreign language), which was organized by an agency in the United States called ETS (Educational Testing Service).

This is very important for TOEFL teman2 want to study or studying for school abroad. Toefl as an indicator to ensure teman2 derived not from English-speaking countries, in order to attend a course well in the English-speaking countries.

TOEFL is used to ensure:
  •      Ensure that the student understands the description given lecturer in English (listening skills).
  •      Students understand the books required textbook (reading skills).
  •      Students are able to make scientific writing with correct grammar (writing & grammar skills). 
To be accepted in the West negara2 .. prospective students must have a TOEFL score standards set forth by the university masing2 negara2 the West. For example, a minimum TOEFL score for negara2 in Europe is 500 (minimum), TOEFL score for Australia is 500 (minimum), while the score for the TOEFL is required negara2 in America 550 (minimum).


Along with the times, even countries whose native language is not English, such as Japan, Korea, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc. requires a certain TOEFL score for prospective students, whether they come from within the country, especially if it comes from overseas. In Indonesia, TOEFL even used also for:

  • Requirements for acceptance of new employees in government agencies, public and private companies.
  • Admission requirement for S2 and S3.
  • Terms submission of scholarship, both from public and private  .
TOEFL myself have several times experienced improvements by the organizers, ets. TOEFL Test forms ever introduced to the public are:
  •      TOEFL Paper Based Test
         Consists of 3 sections: Listening, Structure, and Reading. 
           Maximum Score: 677.  
  • TOEFL Computer Based Test
     Consisting of 4 Section:Listening, Structure, Reading, Writing. 
      Maximum Score: 300.

  •      TOEFL Internet Based Test
     Consists of 4 sections:Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking.Maximum score: 120.  

For the purposes of pre-selection or the internal purposes of an institution, then the ETS as a developer and operator institute also organizes TOEFL TOEFL ITP (ITP = Institutional Testing Programme). The number of questions and the difficulty level is not different from the ITP TOEFL Paper Based Test and Computer Based TOEFL Test TOEFL, because the questions used in the TOEFL ITP TOEFL test is a matter that has been used previously. Differences that need to be known by those who plan to follow is that the TOEFL test scores obtained from the TOEFL ITP limited in its use.

Universities and colleges in the United States, for example, will only accept scores obtained from the TOEFL Paper Based Test or Computer Based Test TOEFL. In addition to TOEFL ITP, TOEFL Prediction also commonly used to estimate a person's TOEFL score, "before" the relevant follow other TOEFL test (TOEFL Paper Based Test, TOEFL Computer Based Test, TOEFL ITP). Type Prediction TOEFL test is generally conducted by the institute / center language or places TOEFL training courses



TOEFL adalah singkatan dari Test Of English as a Foreign Language ( Test Bahasa Inggris sebagai bahasa asing ), yang diorganisir oleh sebuah lembaga di Amerika Serikat yang bernama ETS ( Educational Testing Service ).
TOEFL ini penting banget buat teman2 yang pengen belajar atau menuntut ilmu untuk bersekolah di luar negeri. Toefl ini sebagai indikator untuk memastikan teman2 yg berasal bukan dari negara yang menggunakan bahasa Inggris, agar dapat mengikuti perkuliahan dengan baik di negara yang menggunakan bahasa Inggris.

TOEFL ini digunakan untuk memastikan :
  • Memastikan bahwa mahasiswa tersebut memahami uraian yang diberikan dosen dalam bahasa Inggris (listening skill).
  • Mahasiswa memahami buku-buku textbook yang diwajibkan (reading skill).
  • Mahasiswa mampu membuat tulisan ilmiah dengan tatabahasa yang benar (writing & grammar skill).
Untuk dapat diterima di negara2 Barat.. calon mahasiswa harus memiliki standar nilai TOEFL yang sudah ditetapkan oleh masing2 universitas di negara2 Barat tersebut. Misalnya TOEFL score minimal untuk negara2 di Eropa adalah 500 (minimum), TOEFL score untuk di Australia adalah 500 (minimum), sedangkan TOEFL score untuk negara2 di Amerika adalah disyaratkan 550 (minimum).
Seiring perkembangan zaman, bahkan negara-negara yang bahasa ibunya bukan bahasa Inggris, seperti Jepang, Korea, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, dll mensyaratkan TOEFL Score tertentu bagi calon mahasiswanya, baik yang datang dari dalam negeri, apalagi jika berasal dari luar negeri. Di Indonesia, TOEFL bahkan digunakan juga untuk :
  • Persyaratan bagi penerimaan karyawan baru di instansi pemerintah, perusahaan pemerintah dan swasta.
  • Syarat penerimaan mahasiswa baru untuk jenjang S2 dan S3.
  • Syarat pengajuan beasiswa, baik dari pemerintah maupun swasta.
 TOEFL sendiri sudah beberapa kali mengalami penyempurnaan oleh lembaga penyelenggaranya, ETS. Bentuk-bentuk TOEFL Test yang pernah diperkenalkan ke publik yaitu :
  1. TOEFL Paper Based Test
    Terdiri atas 3 section :
Listening, Structure, and Reading.
Maximum Score : 677.
  1. TOEFL Computer Based Test
    Terdiri dari 4 Section :
Listening, Structure,Reading, Writing.
Maximum Score : 300.
  1. TOEFL Internet Based Test
    Terdiri dari 4 section :
Listening, Reading, Writing, Speaking.
Maximum score : 120.
Untuk keperluan pra-seleksi ataupun keperluan intern suatu lembaga, maka ETS sebagai lembaga pengembang dan penyelenggara tes TOEFL juga menyelenggarakan TOEFL ITP ( ITP = Institutional Testing Programme ). Jumlah soal dan tingkat kesulitan TOEFL ITP tidak berbeda dengan Paper Based Test TOEFL maupun Computer Based Test TOEFL, karena memang soal-soal yang digunakan pada TOEFL ITP adalah soal tes TOEFL yang telah pernah digunakan sebelumnya. Perbedaan yang perlu diketahui oleh mereka yang merencanakan mengikuti tes TOEFL adalah bahwa skor yang diperoleh dari TOEFL ITP dalam pengunaannya terbatas.
Perguruan tinggi di Amerika, misalnya, hanya akan menerima skor yang diperoleh dari Paper Based Test TOEFL atau Computer Based Test TOEFL. Selain TOEFL ITP, juga ada TOEFL Prediction yang biasanya digunakan untuk memperkirakan skor TOEFL seseorang, “sebelum” yang bersangkutan mengikuti tes TOEFL lainnya (Paper Based Test TOEFL, Computer Based Test TOEFL, TOEFL ITP). Jenis tes TOEFL Prediction ini pada umumnya diselenggarakan oleh lembaga/pusat bahasa atau tempat-tempat kursus yang menyelenggarakan pelatihan TOEFL.

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