Artikel Bahasa Inggris tentang Bisnis Tips on How To Start A Recession Proof Business At Home

Artikel Bahasa Inggris tentang Bisnis Tips on How To Start A Recession Proof Business At Home

     With little sign that the current economic downturn is going to improve, more and more ordinary people are striking out alone and starting to run their own businesses from home. Given that the majority of working class people don’t have much disposable income, many of these new ventures are failing due to offering products or services which are simply too expensive. That’s why it’s essential to choose a business which is recession proof. They do exist, and thousands of people are taking advantage of the recession by offering affordable products and services that meet the needs of today’s demanding public. Not only this, but they are meeting this need and earning money from the comfort of their own homes.
    Even if you don’t put pen to paper, you need to think things through thoroughly to determine the best business idea. Look for gaps in the market and things which are popular but have the potential for expansion. For example, because so many people are running businesses from home, there is demand for web designers, virtual personal assistants and accounts advice. If any of these business ideas interest you, it’s never too late to go and get the qualifications that you will need to start up on your own.
When you think about your business plan you need to consider whether there are any options for growth and look to the future to see whether your business could cope with any possible changes. You need to be brutally honest with yourself and try and think analytically, although it’s also important to trust your gut instinct to a certain degree; if you have a good, positive feeling about the business then you may regret it later on if you don’t give it a try.

Promote Your Home Business
You can advertise your business for free if you use your imagination. Writing your own e-book could give credibility to your business concept. I would let potential customers and clients know that you exist and what you are offering. Use this e-book as a platform to launch your long term vision for the future. Use it to inform readers about your new products or services and showcase your abilities which will help attract customers.
Alternatively you can spend a little money and place an advertisement somewhere or hire a freelance journalist to write a piece about you and your exciting new business venture. Start off with the local press and when your business really begins to take off you can perhaps set aside additional funds for an ongoing advertising budget.

Selecting Recession Proof Businesses
Examine the talents or skills that you have. If you feel that your skills are a little rusty then you can always do a refresher style course at a local college or enrol for an online course. Once you have identified where your strengths lie, you are ready to try and start your own recession proof home enterprise.
Statistics show that franchising is on the increase so this is an area which you may consider. Look for franchise opportunities which are growing steadily such as online travel companies, web design or anything to do with the pet industry. If you have a good business brain then perhaps you could start off your own business coaching business to help other potential franchisees or entrepreneurs reach their goals.
Look out for a business which may offer additional niches which could potentially increase your earnings by allowing you to extend the products or services that you provide. For example, if you were to offer business coaching then perhaps you could also offer an auditing service where you advise clients about their taxes etc.

Tools you will need to get started
No matter what line of business you decide to branch out into you, will need access to a computer or laptop. This piece of equipment will hold all of your business details from accounts to customer details and will allow you to run your home business more efficiently. You will also need access to the internet, a cell phone and any stock which you may require in order to run your business.
You must adopt a high level of professionalism with your clients so that you come across as a business which is trustworthy and reliable. You need to be extremely focused, fairly outgoing, hard working, doggedly determined and have a keen interest in networking. Be mindful about every task which you carry out and treat every single client with the exact same level of politeness and friendliness, regardless of their own demeanour. Think of every contact that you make as a potential customer for your growing business. Practicing this ethos when running recession proof businesses will ultimately lead you to greater success.

exercise 2

TOEFL EXERCISE (SKILL 1-3 ):  Choose the letter of the underlined word or group of words that is not correct.

  1.   Nobody know when the process of glass-making was invented .

  A                             B                          C           D
            ANSWER : A is incorrect  Should its “knows”

     2. The languages of the world presents a vast array of structural similarities and differences 
                                                          A                 B                               C                        D
ANSWER : B is incorrect  Should its “present”
  1. 3.      The rise of multinationals have resulted  in the great deal of legal ambiguity because

                                                     A        B
                Multinationals can operate in so many jurisdictions.
                                          C        D
                ANSWER : A is incorrect  Should its “ Has”
  1. 4.      All of the east –west interstate highways in the united states has even numbers , while north-south interstate highways are odd-numbered .

                                                               C                 D
               ANSWER :  C is incorrect  Should its “ IS”
  1. 5.      When   a massive star in the large magellanic cloud exploded  in 1987, a wave of neutrinos

                A                                                                             B
Were  detected on earth .
    C          D
  ANSWER :  C is incorrect  Should its “ was”
  1. 6.      Every open space  in the targeted   area that  has grass and a few bushes are occupied

                                                       A                            B                                    C      D
                By the white-crowned sparrow.
                    ANSWER : C is incorrect  Should its” is “

  1. 7.       Krakatao is remembered as the volcano that put so much ash into the air that sunsets

                                    A                                                    B
              around the  World was affected   for two years afterward.
                                                   C                                 D
               ANSWER : D is incorrect  Should its” AFTERWARDS”

  1. 8.      The term “ Yankee” was  originally a nickname for people from New England ,but now

              anyone from the United States  are  referred  to as  a Yankee.
                                                B       C               D
ANSWER :  B  is incorrect  Should its” IS ”.
  1. 9.      A network of small arteries ,mostly sandwiched  between the skin and the underlying

                                                                  A                                                         B
             muscles,  supply blood  to the face and scalp
                             C           D
            ANSWER : B  is incorrect  Should its” underlain”
  1. 10 .  Mesquite is  small tree in the southwest who  can  withstand the severest drought.

                           A    B                                      C                  D          
           ANSWER : C  is incorrect  Should its” which ”


KELAS    : 3EB15
NPM      : 22210084
1.       The defendant refused to answer the prosecutor’s questions..........
a.       Because he was afraid it would incriminate him
b.      For fear that they will incriminate him
c.       Because he was afraid that his answers would incriminate him
d.      Fearing that he will be incriminate by it

ANSWER : A. Because he was afraid it would incriminate him
2.       Mrs. Walker has returned....
a.       A wallet back to its original owner
b.      To its original owner the wallet
c.       The wallet to its originally owner
d.      The wallet to its original owner

ANSWER : D. The wallet to its original owner

3.       The hospital owes ______ for the construction of the new wing.
a.       The government twenty million dollars
b.      For the government twenty million dollars
c.       To the government twenty million dollars
d.      Twenty million of dollars to the government
ANSWER : A. The government twenty million dollars
after the object directly “ owes” no longer need the word
4.       Sarah ____ that she could not attend classs next wek
a.       Told to her professors
b.      Said her professors
c.       Told her professors
d.      Is telling her professors
ANSWER :  C. Told her professors
5.       The Artist was asked to show some paintings at the contest because_____
a.       He painted very good
b.      They believed he painted well
c.       Of their belief that he was an good artist
d.      The judges had been told of his talents

ANSWER : A. He painted very good.( The immediate past forming a clause)
6.       If motorists do not observe the traffic regulations, they will be stopped ,ticketed , and have to
                                            A         B                                          C                                                                                D
pay a fine
ANSWER : D. Incorrect  ( because have to pay a fine Supposed to be replaced by “ have paid a fine)
7.       Fred who usually conducts  the choir rehearsals , did not show up last night because he had
                                                                   A                                                     B                                                    C
an accident on his way to the practice
ANSWER : C .incorrect (had changed to have)

8.       A short time before her operation last month , Mrs.Carlyle dreams of her daughter who lives
  A                                                                   B                                                      C                                               D
                  ANSWER : C .incorrect (because  it should not dreams because of the word “dreamed“dreams shape now but the past  tense.)
9.       The atmosphere in andalucia is open ,warm and gives a welcome feeling to all who have the
                                           A                                                                 B                                            C                 D
good fortune to visit there

                  ANSWER: B.incorrect ( should be parallel and gives the word to be replaced give)

10.   Some of the  people were standing in the street watched the parade, while others were
A                                       B                                       C                                                       D
singing songs .

                  ANSWER : C.incorrect because “watched “changed to “watching” ((paralel structure)