KELAS    : 3EB15
NPM      : 22210084
1.       The defendant refused to answer the prosecutor’s questions..........
a.       Because he was afraid it would incriminate him
b.      For fear that they will incriminate him
c.       Because he was afraid that his answers would incriminate him
d.      Fearing that he will be incriminate by it

ANSWER : A. Because he was afraid it would incriminate him
2.       Mrs. Walker has returned....
a.       A wallet back to its original owner
b.      To its original owner the wallet
c.       The wallet to its originally owner
d.      The wallet to its original owner

ANSWER : D. The wallet to its original owner

3.       The hospital owes ______ for the construction of the new wing.
a.       The government twenty million dollars
b.      For the government twenty million dollars
c.       To the government twenty million dollars
d.      Twenty million of dollars to the government
ANSWER : A. The government twenty million dollars
after the object directly “ owes” no longer need the word
4.       Sarah ____ that she could not attend classs next wek
a.       Told to her professors
b.      Said her professors
c.       Told her professors
d.      Is telling her professors
ANSWER :  C. Told her professors
5.       The Artist was asked to show some paintings at the contest because_____
a.       He painted very good
b.      They believed he painted well
c.       Of their belief that he was an good artist
d.      The judges had been told of his talents

ANSWER : A. He painted very good.( The immediate past forming a clause)
6.       If motorists do not observe the traffic regulations, they will be stopped ,ticketed , and have to
                                            A         B                                          C                                                                                D
pay a fine
ANSWER : D. Incorrect  ( because have to pay a fine Supposed to be replaced by “ have paid a fine)
7.       Fred who usually conducts  the choir rehearsals , did not show up last night because he had
                                                                   A                                                     B                                                    C
an accident on his way to the practice
ANSWER : C .incorrect (had changed to have)

8.       A short time before her operation last month , Mrs.Carlyle dreams of her daughter who lives
  A                                                                   B                                                      C                                               D
                  ANSWER : C .incorrect (because  it should not dreams because of the word “dreamed“dreams shape now but the past  tense.)
9.       The atmosphere in andalucia is open ,warm and gives a welcome feeling to all who have the
                                           A                                                                 B                                            C                 D
good fortune to visit there

                  ANSWER: B.incorrect ( should be parallel and gives the word to be replaced give)

10.   Some of the  people were standing in the street watched the parade, while others were
A                                       B                                       C                                                       D
singing songs .

                  ANSWER : C.incorrect because “watched “changed to “watching” ((paralel structure)

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