exercise 2

TOEFL EXERCISE (SKILL 1-3 ):  Choose the letter of the underlined word or group of words that is not correct.

  1.   Nobody know when the process of glass-making was invented .

  A                             B                          C           D
            ANSWER : A is incorrect  Should its “knows”

     2. The languages of the world presents a vast array of structural similarities and differences 
                                                          A                 B                               C                        D
ANSWER : B is incorrect  Should its “present”
  1. 3.      The rise of multinationals have resulted  in the great deal of legal ambiguity because

                                                     A        B
                Multinationals can operate in so many jurisdictions.
                                          C        D
                ANSWER : A is incorrect  Should its “ Has”
  1. 4.      All of the east –west interstate highways in the united states has even numbers , while north-south interstate highways are odd-numbered .

                                                               C                 D
               ANSWER :  C is incorrect  Should its “ IS”
  1. 5.      When   a massive star in the large magellanic cloud exploded  in 1987, a wave of neutrinos

                A                                                                             B
Were  detected on earth .
    C          D
  ANSWER :  C is incorrect  Should its “ was”
  1. 6.      Every open space  in the targeted   area that  has grass and a few bushes are occupied

                                                       A                            B                                    C      D
                By the white-crowned sparrow.
                    ANSWER : C is incorrect  Should its” is “

  1. 7.       Krakatao is remembered as the volcano that put so much ash into the air that sunsets

                                    A                                                    B
              around the  World was affected   for two years afterward.
                                                   C                                 D
               ANSWER : D is incorrect  Should its” AFTERWARDS”

  1. 8.      The term “ Yankee” was  originally a nickname for people from New England ,but now

              anyone from the United States  are  referred  to as  a Yankee.
                                                B       C               D
ANSWER :  B  is incorrect  Should its” IS ”.
  1. 9.      A network of small arteries ,mostly sandwiched  between the skin and the underlying

                                                                  A                                                         B
             muscles,  supply blood  to the face and scalp
                             C           D
            ANSWER : B  is incorrect  Should its” underlain”
  1. 10 .  Mesquite is  small tree in the southwest who  can  withstand the severest drought.

                           A    B                                      C                  D          
           ANSWER : C  is incorrect  Should its” which ”

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